San Francisco and Surrounds

Expect scenic beauty crossing the bay by boat to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the rich history of the city down at Warf 39 and Alcatraz island, and world class cuisine.

Famous for its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world class cuisine, San Francisco is often called ‘Everybody’s Favourite City’ and it’s clear as to why! With so much to do in and around the city, you’ll be overloaded with options. Be sure to catch San Francisco’s famous landmarks. See the bright lights of the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge; take a ride on a cable car over the hills that make up this friendly town; visit Fisherman’s Wharf for some fresh local catch, or take a boat from the wharf over to spooky Alcatraz. Explore the streets of Chinatown, North Beach, and the Castro district. When you’re staying at the northern end of sunny California, you need to get out and explore the stunning scenic rim, and of course, the inland charm that comes with the rugged beauty of untouched miles of countryside. Start at Bodega Bay, just under 70 miles north of San Francisco. Part of the Sonoma County, this town is predominantly known as a vacation town. The seaside vibe of this quaint fishing town makes it the perfect place to relax, enjoy the amazing views, and appreciate a glass of quality Californian wine. If you’re looking to get away from it all, but still be in the midst of civilization, this is the perfect place to start. Under 25 miles east from Bodega Bay is the charming town of Santa Rosa. Only 90 miles away from San Francisco, this vibrant city is adorned with classic Californian characteristics. Wine country intertwines with the charming farm country; you’ll find redwood forests and running rivers, expansive lakes and nearby, the North Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect place to stop and completely indulge in fresh and decadent foods, rich full-bodied wines, spa treatments, golf and the striking natural setting that it takes place in. If you’re looking to completely immerse yourself into the Californian wine country, a stop at Napa Valley is essential. Breathtaking views abound at every turn: rolling hills planted with vineyards, and wineries of every stature dotting the landscape. With annual events like the Napa Valley Film Festival, this town is sure to delight you in every which way. Before heading back west, a stop at Yosemite National Park is absolutely necessary. The magnificent scenery on display is indescribable once you’re there to witness it – you will be rendered speechless at the rugged beauty of the cliffs, the cascading snowmelt waterfalls, and the intense vibrant colours. The sheer beauty will engulf you – this is truly a place to lose yourself in. View the stories of Yosemite as the local theatre and interpretive programs, explore the quaint Yosemite village and play a game of ‘spot the wildlife’. This is a place so filled with wonder that you’ll never want to leave. To make a complete round trip, why not make your way to Carmel next. This community by the sea is perfect for a elegant romantic getaway – favoured by celebrities around the world! Then jump on the 17 mile drive highway through Monterey Bay, past Santa Cruz, and back up to the city limits of San Francisco. This is only a mention of the unlimited activities, pure and utter beauty, and absolute charm of the northern Californian region surrounding San Francisco – the options are endless and there is always something further to discover. Make sure you get out there, you’ll be so glad you did!

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