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Why do I need travel insurance to travel in the USA?

Ever had the feeling you have forgotten something? Whether it’s your expensive reading glasses or your new camera, there is nothing to ruin your holiday like losing your belongings. While we can’t help you with reading the menu in your favourite American restaurant, we can reimburse the cost of your replacement glasses.

My USA work with Covermore (AFSL 241713) to offer the best travel insurance policies for your holiday to The States. Whether you go for a swim with your phone, or experience airline delays, our fully comprehensive travel insurance can reimburse you so you are not out of pocket.

A once in a life time trip to the USA is not something you should try your luck with, save the gambling for Vegas and cover your holiday with Covermore (AFSL 241713). Call us today and get a FREE travel insurance quote for your trip. At My USA we offer interest free holidays for 12-months, if you purchase your insurance policy with us at the time of booking you can include it in your interest free package.

Comparing travel insurance policies

Have travel insurance included with your bank or credit card? Check the fine print! Our travel insurance is fully comprehensive and can cover you in many unforeseen circumstances. Credit card cover is sometimes very basic or comes with a hefty excess payment if you want to make a claim.

Have to cancel last minute due to an accident or sudden illness? Not a problem. No matter if it is yourself, or a loved one who is not travelling with you, Covermore (AFSL 241713) can reimburse the cost of cancelling your holiday so you can re-book when you are ready.

If you are travelling with a friend or loved one you can get 5% off your travel insurance premium when you take out a joint policy. We also cover all your children free of charge! That is why we are the best choice for your Thailand holiday insurance. Over 75? We can still cover you whatever your age, just get in contact for a quote today!

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