Price Beat Guarantee

Where can I find the best price for holidays to the USA?

Right here! At My USA we are 100% confident that we have the best price holidays to America! We’ve done the research and made the comparisons, so you don’t have to. We regularly check-in on our competitors to make sure we’re always providing the best price for holidays to the United States. We work closely with our carefully selected suppliers and are positive we have the best USA deals on the market.

By packaging together everything you need for the perfect holiday we create great value deals to a range of luxury resorts in the United States. We are absolutely convinced that our holidays are the best value for money! We never cut back on quality to achieve the best price! Many My USA packages include an upgraded room as standard as well as return flights and transfers with reputable airlines. Our deals come with more added extras than any other company, plus we include bonus value in all our packages! We usually offer day tours as standard and include a discount booklet to save you money once you arrive!

How does your price beat guarantee work?

 Not only do we match prices from our competitors, but beat the price by $100! Ask your local travel agent to provide a quote for your My USA package with the same inclusions, staying at the same resort(s) and on the same dates as offered by My USA. Email your quote to your My USA consultant within 24 hours and we will beat any genuine quote by at least $100 per package. If we aren’t able to beat our competitor’s price, you will be provided the quoted package holiday for free!

Terms and Conditions

Quote provided must be for the same package as advertised by My Holiday Centre including the same inclusions, staying at the same resort(s) on the same dates as offered by My Holiday Centre and is subject to My Holiday Centre’s availability at the chosen resort and/or airline.

Quotes provided must be genuine written quotes from an Australian licensed travel agency; if the quote is taken off of the internet, it must come from a “” website. My Holiday Centre will confirm that the quote is genuine.

Quotes must be no more than 24 hours old.

Quote provided must be for a free independent traveller, not part of a group, corporate entity or membership. This offer is not open to people working for, or associated with, other Australian registered travel agencies.

If My Holiday Centre is required to beat a quote by $100, you will be required to book your My Holiday Centre package at that time to receive the quote offered by My Holiday Centre. You will be required to pay the standard deposit or full payment and the standard travel conditions will apply. Price Beat Guarantee relates to quotes only and once your booking is made the Price Beat Guarantee cannot be applied. Click here to view our Terms & Conditions.

If My Holiday Centre is unable to beat the quote by at least $100 we will provide you with the same quoted holiday for free, travelling at the same time of the quote. The free holiday cannot be redeemed for cash.

Where an alternative quote is provided that has alternative inclusions provided than those offered by My Holiday Centre, My Holiday Centre reserves the right to reject the quote comparison or to place a value on the alternative inclusions at its own discretion.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

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